8.1/2" Forked Jaw Clamp (Weldinmg Clamp)

8.1/2'' Forked Jaw Clamp (Weldinmg Clamp)
Our Price:  £28.08(£23.40 Exc. VAT)

Part Number:  LJ-9FJ
Brand:  C.H.HANSON


  • Size 8 1/2" / 215mm
  • Jaw Width 0 - 60mm
  • Clamp Depth 75mm
  • Patented Locking Mechanism
    Allows the jaws to automatically adjust to any size with equal Pressure.
    Dial in the amount of gripping force from slight to extreme and forget itóregardless of the size of the object you want to grab

    LOCKJAW Self Adjusting Locking Pliers Provide the versatility of standard locking pliers.
    However, thatís where the comparison ends.
    Traditional locking pliers require 2 hands to adjust the jaw opening for each task;
    LOCKJAWS patented locking mechanism allows the jaws to automatically adjust to any size object for simple one handed Operation.
    Whether grabbing something thick or thin, Lockjaw make jobs faster and easier.

    Chrome Molybdenum steel Construction
    Added durability abd rust protection
    No slip texture grip
    Secure grasp for tough applications
    Built to last for professional use

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