Bondhus - 4mm Ball End LONG Hex Screwdriver - 375mm Long

Bondhus - 4mm Ball End LONG Hex Screwdriver - 375mm Long
Our Price:  £8.20(£6.83 Exc. VAT)

Part Number:  BON-03760
Brand:  Bondhus


  • Blade Length approx 267mm + Handle 108mm = Total Length 375mm Approx
  • Ballpoint Wrenches save time-they spin faster and can reach blind locations with ease
      - Angle entry to 25° to reach partially obstructed screws
      - Up to 5 times faster spinning and removal of screw
      - Precision end on short arm for torque and leverage to remove stubborn screws
      - Ball end on long arm to aid blind entry and rapid turning of screw/Ball_Ends Example Image shows ball end hexagons and torxs

  • Bondhus keys are all made with Protanium® High Torque Steel to provide the extra measure of strength you need to remove stuck or rusted screws
  • The black ProGuard™ finish has a special surface to prevent moisture entering and so preserve your tools for longer in adverse conditions
  • Clean, sharp edges
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