Facom DX.V12 Digital Automotive Multimeter

Facom DX.V12 Digital Automotive Multimeter
 Facom DX.V12 Digital Automotive MultimeterFacom DX.V12 Digital Automotive Multimeter 
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Part Number:  FAC-DX.V12
Brand:  Facom



Easy to use, easy to understand

3 functions = 3 buttons
Colour display to simplify diagnostics and measurements

Designed for all workshops

12V & 24V special circuits
Long probes for better access
Voltmeter and Ohmmeter functions

Detection of false contacts

Unique and immediate function
At the touch of a button
Immediate diagnosis

FACOM launches an innovative product intended for the automotive market: The "Autometer" or DX.V12. Many car mechanics use multimeters with complicated and sometimes useless functions. FACOM has designed and developed a product whose main characteristics are ease of use, versatility and safety.

2 modes for safe and effective controls + one innovative feature: the "line test"

Voltmeter: The "Autometer" measures DC voltages up to 49 volts on light vehicles and heavy trucks. Its "line test" function is the flagship innovation of this product. It detects faulty wiring and connections automatically and almost immediately.

A conventional multimeter does not identify these errors and exposes the user to breakdowns that often remain unresolved. What is more, the DX.V12 detects rectangular signals.

Ohmmeter : The "Autometer" measures resistances up to 40 MΩ to test ignition coils, sensors etc. To help check bulbs or fuses, DX.V12 emits a continuity alarm signal.

The DX.V12 is a tool designed and built for the car workshop. Its dual-material case allows it to withstand shocks and oils. Its ease of use makes it the ideal companion for mechanics: it does not require extensive electrical knowledge.

It requires no adjustment and can be used right out of the box. Readability afforded by its LCD screen will appeal to all users.

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