FAMAG 1622.036 - 36mm Bormax® Forstner Bit

FAMAG 1622.036 - 36mm Bormax® Forstner Bit
Our Price:  £60.76(£50.63 Exc. VAT)

Part Number:  RT-F1622036
Brand:  Famag


FAMAG 1622 Premium Range - Bormax® Forstner Bit
• Forstner Bit with wave-form cutting teeth, two main cutting edges and brad point
• Rapid drilling in softwood, hardwood, chipboard, MDF etc. Rapid material removal of solid wood and chipping boards. Clearly less effort is needed and boring is more rapid than with the usual forstner bit
• Top for freehand drilling and stationary use. Low heat development and therefore unbelievable endurance

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