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Makita 7104L/1 - CHAIN MORTISER 110V

Makita 7104L/1 - CHAIN MORTISER 110V£1,344.47

Makita 7104L/2 - CHAIN MORTISER 240V

Makita 7104L/2 - CHAIN MORTISER 240V£1,344.47

Makita MAK-PJ7000/1 - BISCUIT JOINTER 110V

Makita MAK-PJ7000/1 - BISCUIT JOINTER 110V£311.57

Model PJ7000 Plate joiner is a successor model of 3901, featuring improved design obtained by using the same easy-to-grip slim motor housing as used for Angle grinder GA4030 series. Its main advantages are: Compact and lightweight design for high maneuverability and easy handling. New design with cast aluminum parts in silver and slim motor housing with an extra-ergonomic barrel grip. New top handle with flat shape on side surface for excellent tool control.

Makita PJ7000/2 - BISCUIT JOINTER 240V

Makita PJ7000/2 - BISCUIT JOINTER 240V£311.57

Makita 3601B/1 - ROUTER 110V

Makita 3601B/1 - ROUTER 110V£244.13

Makita 3601B/2 - ROUTER 240V

Makita 3601B/2 - ROUTER 240V£244.13

Makita 3703/1 - TRIMMER 1/4'' 110V

Makita 3703/1 - TRIMMER 1/4" 110V£182.86


Page 1 of 1:    25 Items
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