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Tyzack 10''(254mm) Philadelphia Brick Trowel

Tyzack 10"(254mm) Philadelphia Brick Trowel£39.99

Tyzack 11''(279mm) Philadelphia Brick Trowel

Tyzack 11"(279mm) Philadelphia Brick Trowel£39.99

FE6 WHS Tyzack Feather Edge 6ft

FE6 WHS Tyzack Feather Edge 6ft£38.96

15200W-08 Tyzack Edging Trowel 11''x 4.5''

15200W-08 Tyzack Edging Trowel 11"x 4.5"£37.74

Tyzack 11''(279mm) Broad Heel Brick Trowel

Tyzack 11"(279mm) Broad Heel Brick Trowel£36.99

Tyzack 11''(279mm) Canadian Brick Trowel

Tyzack 11"(279mm) Canadian Brick Trowel£29.98

Tyzack 4''(102mm) Archaeology Trowel

Tyzack 4"(102mm) Archaeology Trowel£22.49

12312D-08 Tyzack Trowel & Square 1/2''

12312D-08 Tyzack Trowel & Square 1/2"£12.05

722K Tyzack Scarifier - 3'' Tines

722K Tyzack Scarifier - 3" Tines£10.26

Mortar Master 10''(254mm) Broad Heel Brick Trowel

Mortar Master 10"(254mm) Broad Heel Brick Trowel£7.18

A mid quality welded trowel for brick working


Page 1 of 1:    26 Items
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