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''Megamag'' and Mirror Set

"Megamag" and Mirror Set£41.18

Air Nipple Male

Air Nipple Male£3.96

Automotive Amp Clamp

Automotive Amp Clamp£118.67

Circlip Pliers Tip Set For 1221-S

Circlip Pliers Tip Set For 1221-S£8.64

Club Hammer 1.5Kg

Club Hammer 1.5Kg£16.50

Club Hammer 1Kg

Club Hammer 1Kg£14.52

Cordless Rotary Tool Kit 9.6V

Cordless Rotary Tool Kit 9.6V£71.94   £65.87

Digital Vernier Calliper

Digital Vernier Calliper£56.04   £46.20

Exhaust Pressure Tester

Exhaust Pressure Tester£59.90   £45.00

Feeler Blades Metric

Feeler Blades Metric£15.18

Flexible Grabber + LED Light

Flexible Grabber + LED Light£25.74

Hydraulic Brake Pipe Flaring Kit Std 3/16 & 4.75mm

Hydraulic Brake Pipe Flaring Kit Std 3/16 & 4.75mm£175.68

Traditional Pipe Flaring Machine 3/16" and 4.75mm
Heavy Duty
JWL - Brake Bleeder

JWL - Brake Bleeder£85.80

Knife Stanley Type

Knife Stanley Type£7.20

Locking Wheel Nut Skt 21.5mm

Locking Wheel Nut Skt 21.5mm£15.00

Locking Wheel Nut Skt 24mm

Locking Wheel Nut Skt 24mm£16.56

Locking Wheel Nut Skt 26mm

Locking Wheel Nut Skt 26mm£16.56

Magnet ''Megamag'' Super Power

Magnet "Megamag" Super Power£30.00   £27.72

Magnet Flexi Shaft

Magnet Flexi Shaft£12.14

Magnifier Hand Held LED

Magnifier Hand Held LED£15.48   £13.07

Mat Set 2pc Deluxe

Mat Set 2pc Deluxe£124.38   £110.88

Micrometer 0-25mm

Micrometer 0-25mm£31.08   £24.42

Mini Plier Set 5pc

Mini Plier Set 5pc£22.74   £15.71

Mirror Oval

Mirror Oval£11.48

Mirror Round

Mirror Round£11.48

Needle File Set 10pc Budget

Needle File Set 10pc Budget£9.54   £6.60

Piston Ring Compressor Set

Piston Ring Compressor Set£74.94   £62.70

Power Probe 3 Lead Set Gold Series

Power Probe 3 Lead Set Gold Series£62.40

Rotary Tool Accessory Kit 400pc

Rotary Tool Accessory Kit 400pc£38.34   £34.32

Rotary Tool Kit 240v

Rotary Tool Kit 240v£95.94   £87.12

Screwstarter Double Ended

Screwstarter Double Ended£15.36

Skt 3/8'' Magnetic Spark Plug 21mm

Skt 3/8" Magnetic Spark Plug 21mm£11.82

Solder Iron 230v 100 Watt

Solder Iron 230v 100 Watt£32.34   £26.27

Solder Iron 230v 25 Watt

Solder Iron 230v 25 Watt£23.94   £19.67

Solder Iron 230v 40 Watt

Solder Iron 230v 40 Watt£26.34   £19.67

Trident-T341102 Oil Filter Strap H/D

Trident-T341102 Oil Filter Strap H/D£37.49

Trident-T413200 Brake Pipe Clamp  H/D

Trident-T413200 Brake Pipe Clamp H/D£17.16   £13.73

Trident-T621100 Drill Set 19pc

Trident-T621100 Drill Set 19pc£21.72   £18.22

Trident-T621200 Drill Set 19pc Cobalt

Trident-T621200 Drill Set 19pc Cobalt£103.38   £79.07

Turbo Flame Phoenix Hot Air Torch

Turbo Flame Phoenix Hot Air Torch£11.88

Wire Cup Brush M10 x 1.5

Wire Cup Brush M10 x 1.5£14.99   £12.99

Wire Wheel M10 x 1.5mm

Wire Wheel M10 x 1.5mm£16.99   £13.99

Wire Wheel M14 x 2mm

Wire Wheel M14 x 2mm£16.99   £13.99

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Page 1 of 1:    43 Results